About Us

XO, Juice is an all vegan juice bar experience located in Houston, Tx featuring fresh juices, smoothies, shots, power bowls and more. XO, Juice provides a safe place for the people who inhabit them, you feel a sense of easiness as soon as you arrive. A hallmark for bespoke service, fresh living and good energy, every client will feel this whether physical or online.

What sets XO, Juice apart is the knowledge that each employee and each product will display. When you go into some juice shops and want a drink that is going to give you energy after a long day, there is always a vague answer with no real detail. XO, Juice's employees are going to tell you exactly which juices will be great for you along with the key ingredients that assist. On top of the employees knowing it like the back of their hand, it will also be printed on each bottle - clear and straight to the point.
Each of our products support your physical and mental health. Ask our in house nutritionist for more info.